The Adventure Begins – The Copper Chalice

Late afternoon streaks the sky and after a long day of travel our adventurers finally reach the city of Norford, finding themselves quite parched and their stomachs ache as their last meal was hours ago. Though not exhausted, they are ready for a short rest.  In front of them, they see one of the local inns. A large sign above the doorway reads “The Copper Chalice” the words and building weathered, but a warm light shines through the dirty windows.

The inn has a warm, inviting feel about it, though it has seen better days. In the far corner a couple sits deep in conversation, another woman, clad in more revealing wears, warms herself by the fireplace, a couple of men sit at the bar, rambling on and sharing merriment between one another.  Behind the bar the tavern keeper, listens to the two in amusement.

Upon entering the Copper Chalice, they sit at the bar and make civil chit chat with Felicia the Tavern Keeper. Sitting next to Karou, 2 soldiers are chatting .

“Honestly this time! Oakin said that some passer-through saw a dragon out in the mountains… a blue one too!”

“Really? A blue dragon?  They are from the other side of the inner sea, what would they be doing here?”

“I don’t know why they are here, just know what Oakin told me…”

The soldier sitting next to Karou leans over to her and apologizes for his friend Eland, and his obsession with dragons. He introduces himself as Mirym. Gortin, hearing the discussion of dragons comes over to Eland and starts in a deep discussion with him. After some idle conversation with the 2 soldiers, Karou excuses herself and walks over towards a couple talking in the corner.

“Stevyana heard it too!” The female said.

“Elnorin, Honestly? You expect me to believe you two?”  Her companion replies.

Karou inquires as to what they were hearing and Elnorin tells her that “at first I wasn’t too sure… I could tell it was a voice, but it was so faint I couldn’t make out the words, and then yesterday we both heard it clear as day ‘Help me'” Both ladies were visibly shaken by the experience.

Who do you think it was?” Karou inquired

Everyone says it was a robbery, but I’ve heard stories that she was murdered, the Lady Láska, by her husband out of jealousy of her old lover, but not without putting up a fight. They said that, when they found them, every drop of blood was drained from their bodies. Rumor has it that you can still see the blood on the floor.” Stevyana pipes up in the conversation.

A murder you say?” Aerodus slides himself and his ale into the conversation as well.

Where did this murder happen?” Karou, now more interested, responded.

“I’m honestly not too sure… some people say they know where it is, I’ve never wanted to see it”

Suddenly there is a horrible sound and the ghost of what once was a beautiful woman comes through the wall and into the middle of the tavern. Stevyana, Enorin and Vandil run out of the tavern, the solider (Mirym, Eland) jump up from their bar stools, suddenly sobered, and Felicia cowers below her bar. Both Karou and Captain Loo are shaken by the event but hold their ground, Aerodus and Gortin while caught off guard are not shaken. Pointing at Gortin she says “You will help me!”

Why should I help you?“Gortin replies.


“I’m going to need a reason” Gortin sasses back to the spirit of Lady Láska. With that she then flies through Eland and kills him using her corrupting touch. She floats back to the center of the room, looking back at the group, and mostly Gortin, and says “Find Měsíc”.

Though the group asks who Měsíc, all she repeats is “Find Měsíc” until she fades away. 

Once the coast was clear, Felicia runs over to check Eland and finds him dead!

Quick go to the Temple of Laurawin, Gwenunn will know what to do and will be able to help Eland.”  She pleads. She draws them a map to the temple and our group is off on the to get Eland help.




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