The Adventure Continued

As our adventurers run off to get help, they finally reach the Temple of Laurawin, which is  much nicer looking than the buildings they had seen up to this point. Upon entering they are greeted by a woman dressed in a floor length gown that shifts from purple to blue as she walks, brunette hair drapes across her shoulders. Behind her, against the wall is a table filled with candles of all colors, herbs and other miscellaneous items.

“Welcome to the Temple of Laurawin, my name in Gwenunn, how may I assist you?”
She says.

They go on to explain what occurred at the Copper Chalice, and tell her what happened to Eland. She stops what she is doing and a serious look consumes her face.

“I must first attend to Eland, but meet me back here at the temple in an hour. I need you to find where the Lady Láska lived. Go and speak to Coenwic at the library, he will very likely be able to assist you in finding the location of their home.” She fills her bag with herbs and candles and with that leaves the temple quickly.


Rushing over to the library they enter. Deep in the books they see an old man, almost as dusty as the books and shelves around him. He is sitting up in a chair, his back towards them his head limply hanging down from his bony shoulders.

Karou reaches out and taps him on the shoulder, which startles him awake. They retell what has occurred to Coenwic, and tell him that they need to find Lady Láska’s house. He starts shuffling through old papers and books looking for a map which he pulls out and shows to the group. With the group looking at the map, he pulls out a book to pinpoint which house was Láska’s.

They mention that Láska wanted them to find Měsíc and ask if he was her husband.

“No, Myrddin was her husband, I don’t know who this Měsíc person is.” he replies, still shuffling around the library pulling some books on dragons for Gorton.

They thank him for his help and continue back to the Temple to meet with Gwenunn.

When the group comes back to the temple, Gwenunn asks them what they have learned.

Telling her that Měsíc is NOT her husband and that perhaps some foul play may have happened between Myrddin and Láska, Gwenunn begins to change out a few items from her bag and turns towards the group.

                “We will go to the house and talk to Myrddin ourselves. We must hurry if we want to get there before nightfall.”


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