The Séance

Following the map they go deeper and deeper look into the woods, further away from the main road. The fog on the ground rolling and lapping at their ankles, and the chill in the air is strong enough to bite through clothing and armor. In front of them, they view an old house but only until they are right on it do they notice just how dilapidated it is.  Three steps lead up to the front porch and the front door.

Both Aerodus and Karou notice that the perimeter of the house is surrounded by many large stones many of which appear to have been loosened by the earth, and one stone in particular appears to be almost gleaming. Examining it they find a stack of old notes shoved under the rock. They are a series of love notes all signed by Měsíc, with the final note, a blood streaked paper that states “He’s with the blue dragon, I will find you my love” written in what appears to be Laska’s hand.

Noticing the holes in the steps the group carefully make their way up to the front door. The smell of mildew and rotting wood becomes painfully evident as you approach the door. The door itself while locked looks weak so they decide to break it down. Captain Loo attempts to ram the door with her shoulder, but trips and lands head first into the door, falling over. Aerodus then walks up and pounds it strongly with his fist and the door opens right up.

Breaking through cobwebs as they enter the house,  a large rat scurries out one of the broken window. An overturned table and chairs broken into pieces lie by the fireplace. Gwennun then walks to the center of the room, gently laying down her bag and moves aside what used to be the leg of a chair.

“The ritual I am about to do it will take only 15 minutes, five minutes to prepare the ritual and five minutes to summon my guide and for him to find the missing spirit. Once he has found the spirit I will allow him take possession of my body and you may ask questions, however I will only be able to summon him for five minutes, Make sure your questions count.” She looks at everyone sternly. She then begins opening her bag and removing the ritual items out and setting up. She hands the group 2 vials of holy water and a scroll of ghost bane durge, explaining that they may need to use it if Myrddin becomes aggressive during the séance

There are two rooms off in the main living room to the left a small bedroom, with ale bottles littering the floor and the bed broken down by the elements and perhaps a rat nest or two. In the other room (to the right) they find the kitchen, things are disheveled and appear to have been raided by the town folks and rats. Aerodus, Gortin and Karou also notice some discolored patches of wood flooring roughly the length of a human, but they cannot be sure if it was once blood or not.

“Alright, I am ready to begin the ritual” Gwennun calls out. She has everyone sit in a circle and instructs them to hold hands. She lights the candle in the middle of the circle and begins to chant in an ancient tongue. On a piece of paper she had written Myrddin’s name which she lights, holding it over the flame until it is completely burned up, the smoke rising to the ceiling and seemingly passing right through it. Leaning back to her sit she grasps Aerodus and Karou’s hands, closes her eyes and continues to chant. She begins to rock back and forth then suddenly her head snaps back, eyes wide and mouth agape, stays motionless for a moment. She brings her head down and looks at everyone slowly before speaking.

“What is this?” she says in a raspy gruff voice “What has happened to my house? Why have you brought me here?”
Captain Loo, Gortin and Karou notice a green shine in her eyes that was not there before the possession.

“Why did you kill your wife?” Gortin asks.

“Because she was an ungreatful bitch” Myrddin’s spirit responds.

“Who is Měsíc?”

“Just a lowly peasant”

“Where is the blue dragon?” Karou asks.

With that, Myrddin’s spirit (through Gwennun) tackles Karou and lands a punch square on her jaw. The group, caught off guard scramble to get up and ready their weapons, but are also hesitant to hurt Gwennun and Aerodus, Captain Loo, and Karou all miss. Gortin prepares his shocking grasp. Gwennun misses punching Karou a second time, while the whole group, still startled by the attack all miss their hits as well. Gwennun then slumps to the floor, passing out, while the spirit of Myrddin releases himself. Aerodus attempts to cast ghost bane durge and fails though the scroll is not destroyed, Captain Loo in her haste drops the first bottle of holy water, Karou stares in disbelief and Gortin uses his shocking hand again, this time hitting Myrddin, but for only 1 damage. Myrddin tries to attack Gortin, but misses. Attempting to use the scroll again, Aerodus still can’t figure it out and he damages the scroll. Captain Loo, determined to not drop the second vial of holy water, grasps it tightly and throws it, completely missing Myrddin and soaking Gortin. Karou attempts to wake Gwennun, and Gortin readys his shocking grasp, but while reaching out to Myrddin, trips and hits himself for 8 points of damage. Gwennun begins to rise and the group helps her up and they all run away from house, leaving Mryddin laughing in the house.


On their way back, helping Gwennun to the temple, she tells them that they are all in danger and must find his grave consecrate the site and put him back to rest, now that he has a motive (keeping the group from finding Měsíc’s body).  There is nothing else they can do today except go back to the Copper Chalice and rest for the night. She assures them that Myrddin’s spirit will not likely attack again, at least for the night.


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