Myrrdin’s Grave

All night they were plagued with strong dreams, tossing and turning in their beds. 

They see Lady Láska, young and full of life, dancing and happy under a tree, the sun is high in the sky


They are at the house, less decrepit than it was last night; mist still lapping the ground. Lady Láska is stumbling down the stairs of her house, clutching a very bloody stomach wound.


Lady Láska is in the arms of tall young man under the same tree. Her head is resting against his chest; he is kissing the top of her head while stroking her hair. You note that he is missing the lower half of his left leg, a crude prosthetic in its place.


Lady Láska is again stumbling down the stairs of her house, clutching her bloody stomach. She rushes to place something under a rock on the right side of the front stairs. The dream drifts to an aerial view of her and Myrddin’s lifeless bodies, lying bloody on the wooden floor of the house.


The next morning as the group wakes up and comes downstairs, Felicia serves them some bacon, bread, cheese and a mug of coffee. Eland comes down right after them, shaky but alive and asks for a cup of coffee. Felicia is overall fairly quiet, as she is still processing everything that happened the day before. With the aid of their map, Felicia directs them to the graveyard, but she does not know where exactly Myrddin is buried. After breakfast they head out to meet with Gwenunn so they can cleanse his grave site and put him to rest. Upon meeting with group Gwenunn again digs up a scroll of ghost bane durge and two bottles of holy water, though she warns Captain Loo that these are the last 2 bottles she has.

When they arrive at the graveyard they look around to find Myrddin’s grave. While searching Gwenunn warns the group that while she is doing the consecration ritual she cannot be disturbed, so be ready for Myrddin to attack and that this time they cannot fail. Finally locating they grave she looks at the group to make sure they are ready and then begins to sits down on her knees and places her bag in front of her. Candles placed with care in a large circle are arranged over the grave. Next she places out a vial of holy water and a sack of silver dust, and begins to chant as she lights her candles.

“Light, light I light this space. By the powers of Fire, I cleanse this space. I now direct the energy of the universe to forever fill and bless this site. May that which lies beneath it, forever rest and be free of their wicked ways…”

Gwenunn begins to sprinkle the holy water and Myrddin’s spirit rises from the grave. Continuing with the ritual without missing a beat, he looks at the group, and then back down at her.

Captain Loo throws the first bottle of holy water, but misses. Gortin follows with a spell of cure light wound doing 2 damage to Myrddin. Aerodus again attempts to cast the scroll of ghost bane durge, but fails. Myrddin, distracted by the recent damage, misses his attack on Gortin, and Karou readies herself with her rapier for when the scroll is cast.

Captain Loo hits with the second bottle of holy water doing 5 damage to Myrddin, who howls with pain. Gortin attempts to cast cure light wound again, but misses, though Aerodus successfully casts ghost bane durge. Myrddin redirects his attention to the caster and hits him for 8 damage. Karou misses with her first attack.

Captain Loo pulls out her morning star, but misses on her first swing. Gortin rushes to Aerodus’ side and heals him for 3 hp. Aerodus attempts to smite Myrddin, but misses; while Myrddin also misses him. Karou hits with her rapier for half damage of 1 point of damage.

Captain Loo takes another swing with her morning star, this time hitting him for 4 damage. Gortin attempts to use shocking grasp but trips and shocks himself for 4 damage. Aerodus and Myrddin again miss one another, and Karou places the final blow with her rapier, causing Myrddin to dissipate into the air.

At this time, Gwennun has just finishing cleansing the grave site and she tells the group they do not need to worry about Myrddin anymore. She asks the group if they have any leads as to the location of Měsíc. They tell her about the blue dragon they had heard about in the mountains and about the final note from Láska stating that “the blue dragon has him now”. Gwennun hands them a bag filled with some potions and scrolls she thinks they might need along with a note and tells the group to give it to Oakin, it is credit for for supplies/potions for their trip valuing up to 500gp.

Inside the bag they find:

  • Potion of Cure Light Wound x2
  • Scroll of Identify x1
  • Magic Stones x1
  • Scroll of Hide from Animals x1
  • Flask of Acid Splash x3
  • Potion of Remove Paralysis




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