The Hunt Begins

The group goes to Oakin’s Trading Post to speak with Oakin to find out about the dragon.

“We heard about the dragon in the area, do you know anything about it?” Karou asks.

“Aye, you talked to Eland? That boy always had an ear for gossip and a head full of adventure… All I know is this guy come through said he was east of town when he saw them. He said he was hiking through the mountains, gathering herb, and he says he was attacked. Though I’m not sure you can call some singed hair a “dragon attack”. The guy was a bit off his rocker if ya know what I mean”

Giving Oakin the note from Gwennun they purchase 4 oils of magic weapon, 6 cure light wound potions and Karou purchases a set of thieves tools.  Showing him the map from Coenwic, Oakin shows them a path from town to the mountains that they can take, should only take them a few hours to reach a fork in the road, and then the fork leads off into the mountain range at three different points, but who knows exactly where the guy was.

As they begin on their hike Karou is walking along and comes across a cluster of fire opal. In her excitement to reach it she completely misses the giant scorpion that is sitting right next to it. Aerodus, Karou and the scorpion all miss their first attacks while Captain Loo see the perfect opportunity and lands a strong hit with her morning star. Gortin then casts shadow trap, trapping the scorpion for 2 full rounds. Aerodus then hits it for 9 damage, Karou misses again as does the scorpion. Captain Loo, on a roll, hits it for another 6 damage. Gortin uses this opportunity to prepare his cure light wound spell. Aerodus hits it for another 7 damage, Karou for 5 and Captain Loo lands the final, killing blow.

The following hour of hiking the group was a little more on their toes, as they did not want to trip over another animal because they were not paying attention. Gortin, while cautiously looking around notices a small cluster of aquamarine and a bag containing 20 gold pieces and a scroll of cure light wound.

As they continue hiking Aerodus begins whining that they could have rented horses from Oakin before they left and while dragging his feet trips over 2 venomous snakes laying out on the trail. The first snake tries to bite Aerodus, but misses. Gortin casts slumber on the snake and it falls asleep. Captain Loo hits the other snake for 6 damage, while it strikes out hand hits her for 3 damage and poisons her. Karou and Aerodus both miss as it is slithering around at their feet. Gortin casts slumber on the second snake and it, as well as it’s companion, falls asleep. Both snakes are coup de graced and Captain Loo healed.

After a little more walking they end at a fork in the road going 3 directions; north, south and straight ahead. The group takes a moment to figure out which way they want to go.


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