The Hunt Continues

Upon reaching the fork, Gortin suggests following the “rule of rights” and the group heads south to the mountains. Captain Loo spotted a small cluster of amethyst and 20 gold pieces, but while distracted she didn’t notice the leopard come down, out of the hills. Gortin cast slumber on the cat and the group left it to sleep it off.

Reaching the mountain they search around and do not find any evidence of any dragons, and decide to head north along the mountain range. Gortin spots a cluster of aquamarine and while retrieving it doesn’t notice the constricting snake next to it. The snake strikes out at Gortin and bites him for 5 damage. Utilizing his slumber hex again, he puts the snake to sleep and casts cure light wound on himself as the group continues on.

Continuing along the ridge Aerodus spots some clear quartz and picks it up, then notices the large spider coming down from the cluster and throws it. Gortin attempts to smash it with his staff, but misses. Karou stabs at it with her dagger piercing it for 5 damage. Captain Loo, who has climbed quickly up the largest boulder she could fine, shoots her bow and hits it for 2 damage. Aerodus, the fear strong in his eyes, swings his sword with a panicked fury and hits the spider, decapitating it.

Upon reaching another out cove in the mountain range they continue to look around. They note that this section of the range has an extreme echo. While Karou and Gortin are busy yelling improper things, Aerodus notices that the echo doesn’t sound quite right. Karou while looking up to the hills notices a small blue dragon stumbling down the mountain side. Gortin, knowing quite a bit about dragons, notices that this is just a hatchling and knows that it is immune to electricity, paralysis and sleep, and informs the group as they pull their weapons and prepare to defend themselves.

Aerodus swings his sword but misses. Karou attempts to stab it quickly with her dagger and just chips a scale, but does no damage. Captain Loo draws her bow, but misses her shot. The dragon snaps at Aerodus and does 5 damage. Gortin pulls his crossbow and hits the dragon for 5 damage.  Aerodus swings again, this time squarely hitting the dragon in the chest for 14 damage. Karou moves around to flank with Aerodus and back stabs the dragon for 4 damage. Captain Loo attempts to shoot again and misses. The dragon turns to snap at Gortin bites him for 4 damage. Gortin then takes a 5 foot step back and shoots the dragon for 1 damage. Aerodus, Karou and Captain Loo all attempt to hit the dragon and all miss, as does the dragon. Gortin shoots his crossbow for another 3 damage. Again everyone tries to attack and misses. Gortin then casts chilling touch and hits for 1 whole point of damage. Aerodus swings again and misses. Karou places a strategic hit with her dagger and hits the dragon for 5 damage, and Captain Loo shoots her bow and lands the killing blow.


Searching around they spot the corpse of the mother dragon and her dud nest, along with her hoard of treasure consisting of 250 gold coins, and assortment of gems and stones consisting of rose quarts, red garnet, jade and violet garnet. Also in their searching they found a robe of infinite twine, a scroll of animate rope, 2 quick runner’s shirts and a type 1 necklace of fireballs.

They decide with the dragon slain and figuring all other predators would be scared away from the area that the out cove in the mountain would be a safe place to camp for the night and wait to start the cavern till morning.



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