Dungeon Part 2

Final Crawl
After taking the left wing they headed north until through the first room until they hit the next T-crossing. They then turned east down a long hallway until they heard something like chirping. A swarm of bats suddenly came flying down the hallway. Karou took one of her vials of alchemist fire and threw it towards the swarm in a fit of panic, but unfortunately she missed them completely.  The bats continue flying forward and engulf Captain Loo doing 2 damage. She runs away, and Aerodus removes one of his smaller fireballs from his necklace and throws it at the swarm, burning them all from the air. Gortin heals Captain Loo and Karou regains her composure and the group continues on.

Upon reaching yet another T-intersection the group heads north again, passing by a set of 2 doors. They take a moment to remember which way they have come and decide to return to the doors later.

Continuing north they follow the cavern as it twists east then west, until coming to another room that opens up. Just outside the room Gortin and Karou notice 20 gold pieces and a couple bottles of water laying on the ground, Captain Loo notices under some debris a small potion of remove paralysis. She then looks into the open room and notices a giant gelatinous cube filling up the back of the room. Quickly the group starts running westward and away from the ooze before disturbing it.


They follow the cavern briefly south, then west again before a little further south. The path T’s off again, they head west and then sound into a large room. They note some tables covered with notes and bottles and are able to retrieve a scroll of animate rope, 3 potions of cure light wound, 2 scrolls of burning hands and 2 scrolls of magic missile.

They continue south and follow it eastward only to discover that they are at the original T intersection from the western most pathway. They decide to head back towards the doors that they had passed before heading east down the long straight pathway.

When they hit the 4 way crossing at the end of the hallway they decided to go south as it was the last way they hadn’t been. As they turn east they came up to a closed door. Karou searches but does not find any traps, but finds that the door is locked. She takes a few minutes and unlocks the door, as the group enters see a large scorpion scurrying around the back corner of the room. Gortin takes his acid flask and throws it at the scorpion, causing 5 damage, but unfortunately upsetting the creature it runs towards him and grabs him, inflicting 3 damage. Aerodus misses his swing, and Karou stabs it with her dagger for 5 more damage. Captain Loo pulls her bow and hits the scorpion square in the back, causing it to become temporarily distracted, and allowing the rest of the group an extra attack of opportunity. Aerodus hits for 7 additional damage while Karou misses. Gortin struggles to get the upper hand in the grapple, but fails and is stung. Karou moves around to flank with Aerodus and hits the scorpion for 7 more damage, while Aerodus lands the killing blow. Gortin is able to heal himself and save against the poison.

The group goes up to the second door on the north side of the room, finds it unlocked and continues through and up to the doorways that they passed by before.



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