Entering the Dungon

As they enter the cave there is just enough light to see that the entry tunnel continues forward into darkness. Gortin casts light on Karou’s chest piece so that the rest of the group can see. While walking forward the group ends up in a room that has 3 other walkways; to the left, straight ahead and to the right. All along the cave floor there are bits of ripped paper, crumbled bits of wall and broken glass laying around.

part 1

The group decides to continue straight and enters a large round room which they also notice 2 hissing centipedes suddenly crawling towards them. Karou attempts to swing at one, but misses. One of the centipedes rushes up to Aerodus and bites him for 3 damage. Captain Loo attempts to shoot another one but misses. Gortin steps up and uses burning hands and does 2 damage to both centipedes. Aerodus then uses a power attack on the one infront of him and finishes him with a mighty swing of his sword. The other centipede attempts to bite Karou, but misses. Karou then hits him for 3 more damage and Gortin finishes him off with one more blast of burning hands. Searching the room they see a pair of skeletons propped up against the wall, one holding a master work greatsword, the other a throwing ax. To his side they also find a bag with 30 gold pieces and 2 bottles of some sort of a strong alcohol. On the right end of the room a doorway leads into another dark room, and they notice something glittering.

Upon closer inspection they realize they have stumbled across a treasure chest, filled to the brim with rubies, opals and pearls. At the top of the pile a beautiful sliver dagger inlaid with gold and a large ruby in the hilt. Gortin’s eyes bulge, and his eyes go wide; he MUST have that dagger! The group examines the chest and Gortin reaches out to grab it, only to find that the dagger is stuck, and now so is his hand. The chest begins to open it’s eyes and reveals itself as a mimic.

The mimic tries to attack Gortin, but misses. Aerodus runs behind the mimic and hits it with his sword, though it gets stuck in its thick slime. Captain Loo takes one of the bottles of alcohol and unsticks Gortin. Karou misses and Gortin attempts to cast slumber but the mimic resists the spell. The mimic attempts to attack Gortin again, but misses. Aerodus grabs his war hammer and swings again hitting the mimic and this time not getting it stuck. Captain Loo using her morning star and also lands a strong hit and is able to recover her weapon. Karou misses again. Gortin takes a 5 foot step back and pulls out his crossbow. The mimic reaches out and slams Captain Loo and grabs her. Aerodus and Karou miss and Captain Loo is stuck. Gortin shoots and hits the mimic. Everyone tries again, but only Aerodus hits with his war hammer and lands a strong blow. Captain Loo is able loosen a free hand and swings her morning star landing the killing blow. Karou brings the other bottle of alcohol over and unsticks Captain Loo and Areodus’ sword. They recover 2000g worth of gems and the master work silver dagger, which Gortin immediately pockets.

They leave the room and head back to the first crossroad and this time take the right path and they end up in front of a door that is unlocked. Karou checks for traps and finds no traps and the door unlocked. In the room they find 2 vials of alchemist fire, and on the other end of the room they notice another door. It’s not locked but seems stuck. Captain Loo throws her shoulder into the door and opens it as broken spider webs fan in the fresh opening. Their lights flood the interior of the room it appears as though the light is dancing on the walls, but as their eyes focus they realize the light isn’t dancing, the walls are moving and they recognize a swarm of spiders. Screaming shrilly Aerodus removes the largest fireball off of his necklace (5d6 damage) and throws it into the room, killing the entire swarms, and then some. As they enter the room they notice what used to be a skeleton, now burnt, in the center of the room, on him a chain shirt.

Realizing they’ve hit another dead end, they head back to the main split and take the left arm.



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