Discovering Měsíc

Final Crawl

Arriving at the 2 doors in the middle of the hallway the group examines the door to the west. Upon examination Karou finds that the door is in fact booby-trapped. She attempts to carefully disarm the trap but bumps the trigger causing a small cloud of sand to be blown into her face and she is momentarily blinded and sicks-up in the hallway.

As they enter the now disarmed room, they find it is empty, literally empty, with no debris on the ground, it almost looks clean. About 50 feet in front of them is a wall, and the group is puzzled; why would someone booby-trap an empty room? Gortin casts detect magic and sees that the wall in front of them is emanating a magical aura. Aerodus tells Karou she should go check it out to which she replies “You go touch the wall” “Karou, you’re the rouge! It’s your job, touch the freaking wall!” And with that she huffs off to examine it. She goes to put a hand on it only to find that it goes right though. She walks through and recites to the group about the magical rainbows and unicorns on the other side with a dry, witty sarcasm.

As the rest of the group passes through the wall they note a skeleton lying on the floor in the corner, and his clothes appear to be in good shape. They note that his left leg is not real, but a prosthetic and out of his pant pocket a small box with a crumpled note tied around it has fallen out.

Before they can get any closer Lady Láska’s spirit materializes, kneeling next to the body, gently brushing where his hair would have been. A feeling of sadness and loss overcomes the group. As her head hangs down another ethereal hand reaches out and begins to stroke her hair. Wordlessly she looks up at him. What just felt of loss is now replaced with overwhelming joy and they embrace and begin to fade away before everyone’s eyes.

Aerodus reaches over to the box that has fallen on the floor next to the body of Měsíc and unties the string, removing the note and begins reading it.

Opening the box a single gold ring is located inside.


So truth be told, this whole adventure was written to propose to the Jeremiah, and I caught him completely off guard!  As you can guess from the photo, he didn’t say no!!

Thank you for following me on this journey and I hope you will continue to follow me on the journeys to come (both RPG and real life).




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